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Wallenfangs of Green Lake in winter. Wisconsin cheese and gourmet popcorn shipped anywhere in the U.S.

Wisconsin Cheese Shop

Since 1975, Wallenfangs of Green Lake has been a cherished Wisconsin staple. Our family-owned cheese-haus blends tradition with quality. Our customers choose us for our famed "baby rice" popcorn, handpicked local cheeses and jams, and custom gift boxes that capture the essence of Wisconsin. We celebrate the art of cheese and tradition with the warmth of family heritage.
Join us in savoring flavors, enjoying artistry, and becoming part of our ongoing story.

Wallenfangs of Green Lake, Wisconsin 1975 original food specialty store

Family Heritage

We are a family-owned business that was started on an abandoned farm in Green Lake, Wisconsin. It was on June 15, 1975 that we first opened the door for business. Our aim over these decades has primarily been to deliver the very best products available, and to do it with the finest service.

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