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Set of 3 Cherry Benches by Wallenfang Custom Woodwork. The short one is 18"h x 10"w x 47"l, the medium is 20"h x 12" w x 46"l and the big is 24"h x 11"w x 42.5"l. You can also purchase them separately if you don't need the set of 3.

Available for pickup at Wallenfangs of Green Lake, Wisconsin. We also ship anywhere in the U.S.

Cherry Benches Set

$2,400.00 Regular Price
$2,000.00Sale Price
  • Short: 18"h x 10"w x 47"l, Medium: 20"h x 12" w x 46"l, Big: 24"h x 11"w x 42.5"l

  • Available for pickup at our store. We can also ship to your location. For all orders, please select the "Pickup" option at online checkout, we will calculate the shipping quote once the item is boxed based on the destination.

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